We provide a unique vision care service called Vision Therapy. You are invited to read hundreds of Vision Therapy Success Stories written by patients (children and adults), parents, and teachers at visiontherapystories.org.

Vision Therapy helps people with visual difficulties relating to a wide range of conditions, skills, and/or symptoms, such as:

20/20 EyesightADD-ADHDLazy EyeBlurred Vision,
Convergency InsufficiencyCrossed EyesDepth Perception,
Dizziness and Motion SicknessDouble VisionEye Strain & Fatigue,
Eye Tracking & Eye TeamingHeadachesLearning DisabilitiesDyslexia,
Non-verbal Learning Disorders (NLD)Special Education,
Reading ImprovementSchool PerformanceSports,
StrabismusWall-eyed or Exophoria,
and much MORE..!
Read what hundreds of people have written when asked “What changes have you seen as a result of a Vision Therapy program?” or “How has Vision Therapy changed your life and/or your child’s life?” Go to Vision Therapy Success Stories.

I’m sending you Isaac’s recent high school graduation announcement. I’m not seeking a gift on his account, rather I hoped to bless you and your staff. Since his eye therapy beginning September 6, he has worked hard at his schoolwork, but being homeschooled, you are never sure where you actually stand in relation to others. But we planned on paying special attention to spelling and composition. Isaac has been pursuing his interest in aviation all through his senior year. He is scheduled to have his private pilots license by Christmas if not much earlier!

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It is with great pleasure we send our best regards. Although a year has passed since our son, Kurt has received eye therapy, we thought this was the best opportunity to write and express our gratitude for the achievement, professionalism, guidance, intuition, work ethics and encouragement that was provided in eye therapy, eye exams and follow ups during the eight months Kurt was with you.

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I recommend DVC because of our daughter’s remarkable response to recommended therapy from Dr Wescott. He is patient with the children but very thorough.

Rita R.

Excellent staff, very professional at what they do, great environment, and very quick appointments, still ongoing therapy. Highly recommend to anyone looking for eye/vision or speech therapy!

Tyler H.